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Who owns my domain name?

JAMAXX Web Design offers domain registration services and when we do register a domain name on behalf of a client they have full rights to that domain as long as payment for the service has been made.


Do you offer site hosting and domain registration?

JAMAXX Web Design now offers site hosting as well as domain name registration services. Site hosting starts at $9.99 per month (for 12 months). Learn more about JAMAXX Hosting service packages on our hosting services page.

JAMAXX Web Design also offers domain registration services. Registration of a domain name is $25.00 for 1 year ($35.00 per year for a .ca domain name).


How can I track site traffic statistics?

The tracking of site statistics is important for determining the success of your site as a tool for your business, and a good tracking system can allow you to learn from your site's viewers, ways to better market your business online. JAMAXX Web Design offers the AWSTATS Traffic Analyzer as part of their hosting packages.

Among other things AWSTATS has the capability of telling you:

  • Number of unique visitors.
  • Number of page views.
  • How many visitors are from search engines and what key words they used to find you.
  • What countries are represented by site viewers.
  • What search engine bots have visited and indexed your site.
  • How long visitors stayed on your site
  • What pages of your site are most popular.
  • What web sites refer traffic to you.

What technologies will be used (and will they affect placement in search engine results)?

JAMAXX Web Design uses a number of technologies to design web pages such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, Flash and CGI scripts. Some of these technologies can interfere with a search engines ability to index your site. JAMAXX, when consulting with client's, points out the areas where this may be a problem, and ways to overcome these problems; or alternative solutions. For more information on technologies used by JAMAXX Web Design, visit our custom web design services page, our interactive web design services page or our multimedia services page.


Who owns my web site after JAMAXX designs it?

Upon completion of a site, and after final payment for design services, the web site becomes the property of the client (with some exceptions according to licensing agreements of third party software providers are subject to licensing conditions). This means that the client may alter or have altered by other parties, any element of the site and its HTML code created by JAMAXX Web Design. Where possible JAMAXX Web Design will use open source  scripts and obtain for the client a user's licence for that script outlining any restrictions on the use of that script set out by the script's authors.


What work does JAMAXX do in the process?

Creation of site elements and formatting of content (content is supplied by the client unless JAMAXX has been hired to create content specifically) will be done, in most cases, by JAMAXX Web Design. We do not outsource any work, and will only sub contract work that is required by clients but cannot be provided by our own staff. Subcontracted work will only be done with the full knowledge and agreement of the client, and any obligations the client may have to sub contractors will be fully explained.

Can I update my web site content myself?

There are, on the market, a number of Content management Systems allowing updating of site content through a user friendly interface. These programs range in functionality and vary in price from free (a cost for configuring the program to the site and server is involved} to very expensive, according to your needs. JAMAXX Web Design will consult with clients on which of the various options will best satisfy their needs at a price that is within their budget. Whenever possible JAMAXX Web Design prefers to use the Joomla Open Source Content Management System, but we are also familiar with othe CMS engines such as Wordpress and Drupal. For more information on the Joomla CMS visit out Custom CMS Web Design Package page.


What tools are used in web site creation?

JAMAXX Web Design has access to a number of tools using various technologies to create sites that include:

  • E-Commerce
  • Communication
  • Multimedia
  • Information Gathering
  • Dynamic Content
  • And more...


These tools include the basic foundation of web site design, (HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery), and the server side web application programming language PHP 5.

JAMAXX will consult with clients on effective tools to satisfy their needs at prices that fall within their budgets. For more information visit our custom web design services page or our web applications page.


Contact JAMAXX Web Design for more information.

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