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Mobile Browsing Optimization

According to a Google/Mobile Marketing Association survey, 53% of Americans access search engines through their smart phones once a day. In 2010 smartphones outsold PCs in Q4 2010 101 million to 92 million. According to some sources, mobile web traffic will increase 26 times over the next four years.

With the popularity of Mobile devices, and quickly improving technologies, allowing web browsing, it is becoming more and more important for websites to be optimized for mobile browsing. Don't be left behind by the competition who are rapidly targeting the mobile market. using combinations of fluid, adaptive and responsive design, JAMAXX will make your site ready for browsing on a majority of popular mobile devices including iPhone, Smartphone, iMode and WAP phones.

  • compatible with a majority of mobile browsing devices
  • makes the mobile browsing experience better and faster
  • remain competitive with sites already optimized for mobile technology
  • targets a rapidly expanding mobile market!

Fluid Design: Fluid websites are built using non-absolute measurements for widths. As a result, columns are relative to one another and the browser, allowing it to scale up and down fluidly.

Adaptive Design: Adaptive websites make use of media queries to target specific device sizes, like smaller monitors, tablets, and mobile.

Responsive Design: Responsive websites use fluid design and media query, not just to adapt to the width of a screen display, but also to adapt to the content on various display widths, ensuring an optimal browsing experience.

Mobile Device Statistics from W3 Schools
September 3.26% 0.95% 1.55% 0.76%
August 3.38% 1.21% 1.43% 0.74%
July 3.16% 1.03% 1.37% 0.76%
June 3.17% 1.15% 1.32% 0.70%
May 2.64% 1.12% 1.04% 0.48%
April 2.24% 1.06% 0.97% 0.21%
March 2.26% 1.11% 0.96% 0.19%
February 2.17% 1.06% 0.91% 0.20%
January 2.18% 1.07% 0.90% 0.21%


Don't be left behind by the competition. Have your site optimized for mobile browsing today. Contact JAMAXX Web Design today for a free, no obligation consultation!

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