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WordPress, is a robust and popular content management system that powers millions of sites on the world wide web. Despite the popularity of this CMS making it a target for hackers, the large WordPress open source community, works hard and successfully in keeping it very secure.... if the site is properly maintained and regularly updated.

JAMAXX Web Design WordPress Site De-Hacking Services

When a WordPress site is hacked it can be disastrous for your business or organization, resulting in one or more of the following:

  • Unwanted site content
  • A site being broken or down completely
  • potential loss of business
  • Visitors being exposed to harmful software or phishing attempts to get sensitive user information
  • Suspension by your site hosting provider
  • Site forms being compromised and used to send spam USING YOUR DOMAIN EMAIL
  • Being penalized, flagged or even removed from search engine results
  • Being flagged as being a source of spam or harmful software by Internet security companies like Norton and McAfee

When a site is hacked it is important to have it completely cleaned and secured against future attacks as soon as possible, and to ensure that your domain is reviewed and cleared by any search engines or security organizations that may have listed your site, harming your reputation.

In order to be certain this is done quickly and correctly on a WordPress site, it is important that whoever you hire to do it has the expertise and experience required.

The JAMAXX Web Design WordPress site security team:

  • Has years of experience and expertise with the WordPress CMS, and the themes and plugins designed to be used with it.
  • Has experience and expertise in cleaning and securing WordPress sites specifically (we have successfully cleaned and secured dozens!)
  • Has experience and expertise in finding out if a site's reputation is in peril and requesting reviews by various organizations to restore a site's reputation

Hiring JAMAXX to clean and secure your hacked WordPress site will ensure your site is properly cleaned, your site is secured from future attacks, and your reputation is restored as fast as possible.


Initial Investigation Rate  $60.00

Jamaxx will investigate your site, to see just how bad the hack is and if the site's reputation is compromised.. Access to your sites WordPress Administration and your hosting cPanel  is required for this. After the investigation a summary of the seriousness of the hack and the sites reputation is provided to the client, along with an estimate as to how many hours it will take to clean the site, secure the site, and restore the sites reputation if that is required. At this stage Jamaxx will also take a very basic security measure of changing your WordPress Administrator(s) passwords as a first line of defense and to make further hacking of the site a little less likely before stronger security measures can be taken. The new password will be provided to the client.

Hourly Rate  $45.00

This covers any services provided after the initial investigation. These services are not provided until the client has paid the initial investigation fee, read the summary provided by JAMAXX and agree that JAMAXX should continue with the cleaning, securing and reputation restoration.


If your WordPress site is hacked, contact JAMAXX Security Team immediately to prevent a loss of business or site reputation.


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